Dec 31, 2016

My first experiment: January without TV


I'm 33 years old, and you can call me Mopsa. This blog will be a space for me to journal about all the life experiments I'll be conducting in 2017.

There are certain habits that I would like to change and certain new things that I would like to try in my life - but as you all probably know, positive change isn't something that tends to happen automatically or without effort... So I thought that maybe conducting monthly experiments during the next year would be a good way to bring some change into my life.

January will be my month without TV - yes, you read that well! Even though I don't consider myself a TV addict, I do think that TV has become a very comfortable way to escape my life. It is my default go-to place when I'm not busy with work or house chores... And, of course, there are other more enriching activities that I would like to spend my time with - such as reading, writing, sewing, exercising...

So... Let's try this! In January I won't watch TV, with the following exceptions:

- I can watch a pre-planned movie (or other TV show) with my boyfriend - we live together and we don't do this often, but when we do it's kind of a nice at-home date;
- At dinner we usually have the TV on to watch the news, and this will not change - this will be my main opportunity to know whats going on in the world, since I don't read newspapers or the news online (and I'm not on any social media).

Finally, it's important to note that I cannot use the internet to replace the TV, but I can turn the radio on. And I can listen to audio-books.

I will write here everyday to journal my experience. I must write something everyday, even if just one sentence.

Despite the exceptions, I don't think that this will be easy. It will probably be quite hard! But I'm curious about how I'll be spending my time without this very seductive distraction. ;)

See you tomorrow!  


  1. Que boa ideia. Um ano cheio de boas experiências!
    Vou acompanhar.

    1. Olá! Obrigada por comentares :) Pois é, é sempre bom experimentarmos viver de forma um pouco diferente. Quem sabe os resultados que podemos colher?
      (Vou dar um salto ao teu blog, que não conhecia.)