Jan 1, 2017

January without TV | First day!

My first day without TV was fairly easy. We woke up late and spent the whole day at home. I didn't really feel the urge to turn on the TV during the afternoon. I did some house chores and then did something that had been on my wish-to-do list for a while - I went through my recent photos, selected a picture of me and B., printed it, and put it in a lovely frame I bought some time ago. I also brainstormed about some home decor diy projects I may want to focus on during the next weeks/months.

When I started preparing dinner, I did feel the urge to turn on the TV. I tend to feel a bit lonely while preparing meals, since the kitchen is separated from the rest of the house. Curiously, after this initially urge I didn't really miss the TV - I was just comfortably busy with the tasks at hand.

Tomorrow will be my first day of work after a week of vacations. It will likely be more difficult to not watch TV in the evening... Let's see how it goes.

See you tomorrow!

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