Jan 31, 2017

Decluttering February | The rules

It's finally time to share my challenge for the next month! February will be all about decluttering. Since I'm kind of an aspiring minimalist, I was very careful with what I brought with me when I moved to this apartment five months ago  - however, I can already start to feel things accumulating and getting a little bit out of control... I really need to purge some stuff and create a decluttering routine that works for me.

So, what will be the rules for this challenge? The rules are very simple:

- I'll declutter at least 15 minutes each day.
- I'll share what I decluttered each day (these posts will be brief, most of the times, with just a report of what I did and maybe a picture here and there).
- If, fore some reason, I can't do it on a certain day, I'll have to compensate on another day.

Even though the minimum is 15 minutes, I hope I'll end up decluttering for longer each day (yes, I tend to enjoy purging and organizing!). And I'll start with the home office, which, at the moment, is the most critic room.

See you tomorrow!

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