Jan 16, 2017

January without TV | The simple activities

Today I worked away from home and so, as expected, I didn't miss the TV. I can even say that, in the evening, I actually enjoyed folding and ironing the clothes in silence. There was something meditative about it...

As you've probably noticed, this month is not about trying to force myself to replace the TV with any particular activity. My point is just to see what naturally happens without the TV. So far I haven't done anything particularly 'special' with my time. But I've noticed that I tend to appreciate more the simple activities that frequently are done mindlessly and/or in a hurry - like simple house chores, chatting with B. (the boyfriend), playing with Mia (the cat), or taking a bath. Oh, and I've been reading more. So, so far, this has been a positive experience.

See you tomorrow!

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