Jan 29, 2017

January without TV | A brief month review

Even though I still have two more days to go, today I'll make a brief review of my month without TV.

So... How did it went and what did I learn? Was it worth it?

- At first it was hard - so hard that at a certain point I considered giving up!
- Then it got easier, and easier, until I didn't even think about TV throughout my days.
- I did lose myself in YouTube world a couple of times (even though one of my rules was to not replace mindless TV with mindless internet...).
- I replaced TV watching with silence (frequently, while doing house chores), music, radio, podcasts, reading, playing with Mia, and chatting with B.
- In fact, I spent more time with B. in the evenings, which was nice.
- Simple activities became more pleasant than they used to be and the evenings seemed longer.
- However, I didn't become super productive in the evenings (as I secretly wished I would!) - because, despite the absence of TV, I was still tired after a day's work.

Well, overall I'm really glad I decided to try this challenge. I think that the most surprising thing was to arrive at a point where I no longer missed TV - that, to me, was unexpected! I also learned that TV was not the only thing keeping me from doing productive things in the evenings (like sewing) and that being tired is probably a major factor...

Next month I'll be watching TV again, but not as mindlessly as I used to. I'll share the new 'rules' of TV watching tomorrow.

Bye bye!

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