Jan 17, 2017

January without TV | What were my guilty pleasures?

Today I worked from home, but the lack of TV didn't bother me much. I still miss it during lunch, but I've been listening to a radio program that - besides being interesting - helps me feel less lonely. It's basically an interview program with all kinds of creative people. It's certainly better than "Celebrity wife swap". Yes, sometimes I watched that!

By the way, I haven't shared the TV shows that I like to watch. My favorite in the last months was "House rules" (I've conveniently chosen a period when that show is in between seasons to do this challenge, I confess...). I like to watch pretty much everything related to houses and house renovations and decor. I also watch TV series like "Game of Thrones", "The Walking Dead", "The Big Bang Theory"... Anyway, I will go back to some of my favorite TV shows after this month - my aim will just be to spend less time in front of the TV and to be more mindful and selective when doing it.

Well, it's late now. Night night!


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