Jan 9, 2017

January without TV | Low mood

Today I worked from home again, and my mood was very low during the afternoon. Now I'm sure the TV abstinence is influencing my mood and, for the first time since I started this challenge, I really felt like giving up.

I didn't realize just how much the TV (which I watched while having lunch alone and sometimes while having a snack in the afternoon) was keeping me company in these days of working from home. Now I'm beginning to think that our modern way of life is only possible because we have the TV and the internet. And by 'our modern way of life' I mean lives in which, for example, a couple lives alone in an apartment in no man's land and only engages with other people (besides work) on the weekends. Could I and B. do this without these two powerful distractions? Honestly, I think we would feel quite lonely and bored. The same applies to everyone who lives alone and/or very far away from friends and family. If we did not have these artificial forms of company and distraction, probably we would desperately want to be closer to other people and engage with them everyday...

Let's see how I feel tomorrow...

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