Jan 12, 2017

January without TV | Writing to a friend

I'm still missing the TV when I have lunch alone, and this probably won't change throughout the month... Still, my mood was much better than it was on the other days I worked from home.

In the evenings, I'm not missing it as much. Today I spent a lot of time writing an email to a friend - which is good, because I tend to procrastinate a lot on replying to my friends' emails, which makes me a terrible pen pal! But behold, I'm writing, not procrastinating ;)

What else to say? I'm a bit obsessed with the idea of finding another place to live, because I don't feel very happy in this apartment. It's actually a very good apartment, but is has two great flaws: it tends to not have a lot of light, due to its layout; and it is located in an area which, despite being near a pleasant small city, is quite depressing. We basically picked this apartment because we didn't find better options in the short period of time that we had to search for a house. And speaking of house - I wanted to rent a small house, not an apartment. I'm not an apartment person - I need some outer space!

Well, enough rating. It's time to go to bed. I suspect there is no one reading this, but I'll continue writing as if someone very nice and understanding was on the other side.

See you tomorrow :P

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