Jan 4, 2017

January without TV | My old forgotten music

I had a good day of work today and, unlike yesterday, I've been in a pleasant mood.

I prepared dinner listening to my favorite radio station and, after that, I ironed some clothes listening to a playlist full of good music. Until a few years ago I used to listen to a lot of music but, for some unknown reason, I slowly stopped. I also used to sing a lot, and this stopped too. This has probably something to do with my depression (I'm better now, but I don't think I can ever say that the depression is gone forever). Anyway, I enjoyed listing again and I even found myself happily singing along. And now I'm feeling eager to search for some new music, especially of my old favorite bands/artists that have been releasing new albums in the last years.

I'm going to call my parents now. Then I'll take a shower and read a bit in bed (I'm finishing this book).

Until tomorrow!

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